Position: 36deg 51' N, 166deg 11' W,
Heading: 128deg, 3.4kt( 1P Main, Staysail, Engine stopped)
App Wind: 90deg, 20kt. Weather: C, Press.: 1028hP, Temp.24C


Last middle night, when the low pressure seemed passed right south of us, we veered from north bound to 110deg(ESE) . We have been annoyed  by over 20kt against wind and swells.
It seems wind is becoming milder since a bit of time ago. We plan to go to 30degE, 160degW and then to South, toward Hawaii.

Takaoka invented a rain water collecting device. He got 6liter the night before last . Still improvement is needed.


Status at JST0700, June 29,
Position: 36deg 10'N, 166deg 55' W,
Heading: 358seg N, 4.8kt,(1P Main, Staysail, Mizzen, Engine 1300rpm)
App Wind: 30deg, 22kt
Weather: C. Press: 1031hP, Temp:25c

We were going east along 35deg 50'N, But this morning ,at 0500, wind increased over 22kt. So, we veered to North toward 37degN, to escape fro the low pressure system in the north east from us. at  0800 Local time, we reefed main to 1P. Wave is about 3m, close hold sailing with engine 1300rpm.


 Status at JST 0700 June 28,
Position: 35deg 05' N, 168deg 11'W,
Heading: 40deg, 4.6kt,  App Wind: 80deg, 12kt
Weather, B, Press. 1030hP, Temp: 28C


Yesterday's Baba-san's info. said a low pressure will be born today's afternoon in the east of us on 34deg.N latitude. and said we should make preparation for rough weather.So,we changed course to 30-45deg and aimed to go north of 36deg N, to minimize the low pressure effect. Last night, we met some squalls ,but generally sailed well.

Some mini squall clouds are seen.


 Status at JST 0700, June 27
Position: 33deg 58' N, 170deg 10'W,
Heading: 70deg, 6.5kt (Full main, 90%Jib,Mizzen),  App Wind: 115deg, 16kt
Weather: C. with some blue sky, occasional showers. Press. 1025hP, Temp. 28degC


We some times get into showers. Then, it becomes busy, winding up and extending the Jib alternatively.Last one and half day, SE wind has been good and we could gain distance toward ENE.We have not met other ship since June 18. With the last two(7th and 8th), I talked on VHF. One was from Japan to Hawaii, and the other was from Ecuador to Japan. We are on 34deg N which is the latitude just a bit south of our home port Gokasho Bay. At night we feel cool.


Status at JST 0700, June 26
Position: 33deg 15N, 172deg 21' W,
Heading: 50deg, 4.6kt (F.main, F.Jib, Mizzen), App Wind: 85deg, 10kt
Weather: B. Press: 1024hP, Temp: 29C


KING BEEの魅惑的フィギュアヘッド。出港前に油絵の具でお化粧しました。外野席がいろいろ言って、結果セクシーになりました。
KING BEE's fascinating Figure Head. Prior to departure ,I painted using oil paints(my another hobby is oil painting). But while painting ,surrounding guys gave many comments. So, she became sexy.


 Status at JST0700, June 25
Position: 33deg 05', 174deg 08' W,
Heading: 60deg, 5.2kt (Full Main, Full Jib, Mizzen),  App Wind: 100deg, 10kt
Weather: B. Press. 1025hP, Temp:29C

Yesterday,Takaoka-san said "I saw a fish swimming aside" So, half doubting I started troll fishing. 1 hour later, a Mahi-mahi of about 1m was caught. Thank Takaoka-san's keen eye. We ate it Sashimi, of course.with wine. Still a lot of its meet remains.This evening also wine !

遂にしいらをゲット! 八丈出てから25日目でやっと。
At last ,we got a first fish, Mahi-mahi, on 25th day after Hachijo depature.


Status at JST 0700, June 24  (Local T 1000,June 23)
Position: 32deg 23' N, 175deg 57' W, 
Heading: 60deg, 6.4kt , App. Wind: 90deg, 15kt(Full Main, Full Jib, Mizzen)
Weather: B, Press. 1025hP, Temp. 28C

Fine weather continues. So, we can enjoy wine before dinner.


Sailing toward the target course has been difficult because of poor close hold performance of ketch. Wishing more south  wind starts. Yesterday, I checked the wind generator circuit and found a tiny circuit breaker was in dropped state. After pushed-in its tiny rod, the wind gen. started to work. Now it is producing 30-40W. I feel ashamed, for I used to work as a space rocket engineer for over 30 years. Several of other King Bee members were also directors of various engineering departments.Not so practical, talk only ?


 Status at JST 0700, June 23, (Local T. 0100, June22) is as follows,
Position: 31deg 11' N, 178deg 06' W,
Heading: 45deg, 6.0kt (Full main, Full Jib, Mizzen), App Wind: 90deg, 10kt
Weather: B. Press.1022hP, Temp: 29C

At last we could pass the Date Line. 33rd day after Gokasho Bay departure and 22nd day after Hachijo Jima departure. It took long. Today's Champagne was especially tasty!


10kt east wind has been continuing., and King Bee has been sailing at 45deg course., a bit too north compared with target 70deg. But OK. Beer is good every day, blessed with blue sky .I had loaded 6 dozen beer cans. Still half remain., because only Sugihara-san and I drink,. Tokuko-san, certainly a heavier drinker than I on land, seldom drinks saying it is her determination not to drink while under sail. Hard to follow !


Status at JST 0700, June 22,
Position: 30deg 05' N, 179deg 54' E,
Heading: 60deg, 5.3kt(Full main,Full Jib, Mizzen), App. Wind: 125deg, 8.5kt
Weather: B, Press.1018hP, Temp, 29C

Yesterday, wind dropped and the engine was started in the evening. But 4hours later the SE wind came back, at 10kt. Soon we will pass Date Line. Let's drink Champagne.!

Ken-ken(Trolling set)hooked a bird but no fish!
Of course the bird was released after taking off the hook,
we did not eat!


Status at JST0700 ,June 21
Position: 29deg 23' N, 177deg 53' E,
Heading: 60deg, 6.0kt ( Full main, Full Jib, Mizzen) , App. Wind: 145deg, 11kt
Weather: BC, Press. 1020hP, Temp:29deg


We were annoyed through out night by weak East wind. But all at sudden, at JST0400, nice 10kt South wind started, which supposedly is created by the big high pressure system in the north of Hawaii. Now King Bee is sailing at over 6kt toward target point , North of Honolulu and on 34deg N latitude. Wish this condition continues.


Status at JST 0700, 6.20
Position: 28deg 53' N, 176deg 52' E,
Heading: 40deg, 2kt , Wind: True wind seems WNW 7kt,
Weather: B, shower occasionally, Press. 1020hP, Temp: 30C


 「 明日はいい  明日こそいいぞと念じつつ じっと我慢の ハワイ航海
  強風の 次は微風か ままならぬ
  キングビー 微風に弱い 重量級
  なんとかいい風吹かないかなぁ。 いつハワイに着くんだろう?」     
  Tomorrow is good, Tomorrow's wind is surely good,
   praying and persevering toward Hawaii
    Heavy wind, next is light wind , give-up , give-up
    King Bee ,Very heavy old boat, very weak for weak wind.


Status at JST 0700, June 19,
Position: 28deg 08' N, 175deg00' E,
Heading: 90deg, 7.0kt( 1P reef Main, 10%Jib, no mizzen)
Weather: BC, Press.1017hP, Temp.:28C,

昨日朝 北東の風に変わってから南東に転針、やっと今朝01:00に東西に亘る前線を横切ることができ南風に変わったので東へ転進しました。
Yesterday morning ,as wind became NE, we changed course to SE to cross the southern front. Early this morning wind became to S. So, we veered to east. The wind has been near 20kt and  the weather was mostly cloudy or drizzly, not good.
 Now, blue sky can be seen, although wind is still strong.


Status at JST 07:00, June 18
Position: 29deg 22' N, 173deg 25' E,
Headtng: 130deg, 7.0kt( Full main, Mizzen ,No Jib), App. Wind: 40deg, 26kt
Weather: C, Press. 1017hP, Temp26C
Others: Sea is a bit rough now.But all are fine.



Status at JST0600 ,June 17,is as below
Position: 30deg 01'N, 170deg 51' E,
Heading:110deg ,6.2kt( 1P reefed main, Mizzen, 0%Jib)
Wind: 205deg, 18kt, Weather: B, Press.1016hP, Temp: 29degC


We crossed 170E last night. Longitude-wise, we have come halfway.
 But we have to make the detour going up to 40degN to avoid the big high pressure area
 that usually lie from date change line to US west coast.
Rolling was big throughout last night. Even though we have come to30degN ,it is still continuing.

We watch sunset every evening hoping to see Green Flush by luck.Nothing else to do.


Tokuko-san makes three meals everyday, Oh Goddess !
Status at JST0600 ,June 16,
Position; 30deg 48'N, 168deg 22' E, 
Heading: 97deg, 7.0 kt, App.Wind: 190deg, 14kt,
Weather: BC, Press.1018hP, Temp:26C

Mr.Baba's information tells a low pressure will pass in the north of us from tomorrow. So, avoiding strong wind, we are sailing east with some south element.
 Our mean age is 70 excepting Sugihara-san and not suited for hard condition.
Yesterday and today, wind has been good from SSW and we have been sailing at almost 7kt. Hawaii is coming close!


Status at JST0700, June 15,
Position: 31deg18'N, 165deg32' E,
Heading: 92deg, 5.6kt ,  App.Wind; 230deg, 12kt,
Weather: C, Press.1017hP, Temp: 27C
Others: All are fine.


At 0:00 last night we veered to east. South-west wind of over 20kt continued till an hour ago, and we crossed 165degE line. Today, we will change on-boat time 1 hour ahead. Then, two hours ahead from JST.


(Takaoka-san, enjoying ocean siesta)
(trying to hold enough speed using the mizzen)

(Sugihara-san,starting to take bath)
 Status at JST0700, June 14 is as follows.
Position::30deg 26' N, 163deg30'E,
Heading: 45deg, 4.8kt(Full main, 60%Genoa, Mizzen),
Wind(App): 270deg, 9.5kt
Weather: C, Press. 1017hP, Temp. 28C


Yesterday, the wind blew 20-25kt from South West, and we could run at 7kt average toward East. But when night fell, wind started to fall. We veered to 45deg to come closer to 30-31degN band where Mr.Baba recommends to go for getting fair wind.This morning we found 2 flying fish on deck. It is surprising we often see Sea Gull like birds in the midst of the ocean more than2000km away from nearest land.


Status at JST0700, June 13,
Position: 29deg36' N, 161deg14'E
Heading: 80deg, 6.2kt(Full main, 80%Jib, Mizzen), Wind(App.): 215deg, 10kt,
Weather: BC(port side cloudy, starboard side blue sky), Press,1017hP, Temp: 27C

昨日午後やっと160度E を超えました。経度としてはハワイまでの1/3にきましたが、まだまだ遠いという気分。昨日は速度が3ktに落ちたので昼ころミズンを初めて揚げました。3.5ktくらいで走っていましたが、更に遅くなったので夜3時間エンジン使用。夜中にまた風が出てきたので、今はミズンも揚げて6ktで快調に東進中です。

We crossed 160degE yesterday, We've come 1/3 meridian-wise, still felt Hawaii is far.
Yesterday, we firstly used the mizzen. In the evening we ran the engine for 3 hours. Now we are sailing OK at 6kt with the mizzen hoisted. Last night ,we encountered fourth ship since Hachijo Jima departure. A good size flying fish was found on deck this morning. Tokuko-san grilled it and we ate. My trolling set never catches fish.


Status at JST0700, June 12
Position: 28deg 54' N, 159deg 50' E,
Heading: 0deg , 2.5kt ,  Wind(apparent): 225deg, 7.5kt
Weather: B(Blue sky); Press. 1018hP, Temp: 29deg,


 Since last evening, we ran with the engine on the 45 deg course. At JST0500, the engine was cut off because some wind was felt. Now,we are going toward North, for we see scattered clouds in the north where wind is expected. We went south avoiding a storm, and now going north to searching for wind. Such tactics is based upon information from Mr.Masahiko Baba,Certified Weather Forecaster and owner of Weather and Marine company, who sends me e-mail every day with customised precious information and recommendation. Without his information we would have been beaten by a storm or run into the center of windless high pressure area .Today, I will try laundry using sea water.


Status at JST0700, June 11,
Position: 27deg 42' N, 158deg25' E,
Heading: 10deg, 5.5kt( Changed course to North at 0650)
Wind(apparent): 225deg, 11kt, 
Weather: BC, Press.1017hP(continuously has been increasing): Temp.30C,
Others: All crews are fine. Yesterday, Takaoka-san and myself took bath on deck using salt water.

左の写真は 海水で行水中!!  右は6月4日雨に煙るそう婦岩の横を通過時のもの。
まだ北西が15kt(True wind)くらい吹いていますが、気圧がどんどん上がってきたので、高気圧に突っ込むのではと、先ほど北へ転針しました。  


Status at JST 0700, June 10
Position: 27deg 40' N, 156deg 11' E,
Heading: 90deg, 5.8kt,Full main, 80% Genoa),    Apparent Wind: 220deg, 10kt,
Weather: Blue Sky, Pressure: 1014hP(ascending), Temp. 32C,

Today is 10th day since we left Hachijo Jima, but Hawaii is still far far away. These 6 days have been fine, but hot and humid. At night, always Polaris is on our left and Scorpion on our right. After the Half Moon has set, Milky Way comes in sight.. I am dragging an artificial bait every day , but in vain. It seems no fish other than flying fish live in the midst of Pacific Ocean. All crews are fine.


Ohayougozaimasu,  Status at JST 0700, June9,
Position: 27deg59' N, 153deg42' E,
Heading: 93deg, 6.3kt( 1P reef main,50%Genoa)    Wind( Apparent): 220deg, 13kt
Weather: Blue Sky with 40%clouds, Pressure:1014hP( 1hP increased from midnight), Temp:29C
Othres, Swells are a bit high
馬場様、いつも気象のご指導ありがとうございます。連絡している風向風速はメーターの読みで見かけの風です。真の風は船速(COG)でご修正ください。今朝JST 3時ころから風速が急に10から15ktに上がりうねりが増えました。今は少し落ち始めました。



Status at 0700JST,June8,
Position: 27deg 42N, 151deg 51' E,
Heading: 015deg, 3.8kt(Full main,80%Jib
Wind: 220deg, 9kt
Weather: BC(Bluesky wiith clouds), 1015hP, Temp.28C
Others: : Wind decreaced. Sea with swells swing the boat.


Status at 0700 ,June7
Position: 27deg 27'N, 149deg 54'E
Heading: 95deg, 6.7kt, under Full Main and 80% Jib,
Wind: 220deg, 13kt,  Weather: Blue and Cloud, 1014hP, 32C
Others: Day run of yesterday was 170nm.Amaizing! for the heavy classic style boat. !
昨日のデイランは170Mで驚きです。平均7kt強。これはMaxProp のお陰と思います。全員無事。


Status at 6:00 ,June 6
Position: 28deg17.49'N, 146deg43'E
Heading: 96deg, 7.5kt,      Wind:185deg, 14kt
Weather: Blue Sky With some cloud, 1014hP, 28C
Others: Wind increased 3hours ago from10 to 15kt. Last night was full of stars.


Status at 7:00 June 5
Position: 27deg 56min N, 144deg 22min E
Heading: 95deg, 4.2kt,  Sail :Full Main, 80%Genoa,  Wind: 200deg, 8kt
Weather:Cloudy with same amount Blue sky
Pressure:1015hP, Temp:28C
Others, Sea is calm with small swells.All are fine being able to take rest.
1日、2日、3日と荒れ気味で特に3日午後3時間くらい25-35ktの風、4mくらいの大きな波がきたりしましたが、28度Nに近づいたためか4日からは静かになり、やっとぐっすり寝られる状態になりました。しかし、荒れていた3日間も毎食暖かい食事を徳子さんが作ってくださりありがたいです。驚異です! 感謝々々。1日13時半出港後318時半に進路を東に取るまで53時間エンジンかけっぱなし。4日ポリタンから船底のタンクに移したら180リッター入りました。平均燃費3.5L/h。


Status at 7:00, June 4,
Position: 28deg 56' N, 142deg 27' E
Heading: 115deg, 6.0kt
Wind: 205deg,20kt
Weather: C,  Pressure 1012hP, Temp 25deg
Sea: 2.5mswells
昨日朝、雨の中で幻想的に見えるそう婦岩の    真横を通りました。


Status at 7:oo,Jun.3
Position : 29°53′N  140°15′E
Heading : 155°
Weather :  Rain
Wind : 130°  17kt.
Pressure : 1015hp
Temp. 23℃
Others : All well. Swells got smaller.

「そう婦岩 見てていいのか ハワイ行き」
                山崎  勲



Position::  31°49′ N ,140°29′ E
Heading:  175°
Weather:  cloudy
Wind :   155 °  18kt
Pressure: 1020hp
Temp:   23℃
Sea:    3.5m Swell
Others: :  Sea Sick except Tokuko-san and myself.

                       KING BEE     Isao Yamazaki